Our Story

Back in 2014, we recognised a recurring problem in the job market. Access to a trustworthy database of candidates in the entry level an blue collar job segments was largely restricted, and the hiring process highly disorganised. This was due to a crippling unavailability of information regarding skill benchmarks as well as job requirements. It was therefore essential to create a repository of data containing information about jobs as well as candidates in this segment. Aasaanjobs was thus born as a means to address this problem.

Our Team

With the best brains from around the country working round the clock to solve the recruitment and staffing woes faced by business, SMEs and recruiters, you can be sure that the service being provided to you is top notch. 'Passion, Perseverance and Presence of mind' sums up.

Aassanjobs Team

Our Vision

As part of the India story, we seek to leverage India’s rich human resource by making hiring easy for all parties involved - candidates as well as employers. To achieve this, we have initiated the process of creating a digital identity for every candidate. We have also launched an exhaustive outreach programme to attract skilled candidates. We therefore aspire to create a system where requirement based hiring results in a perfect match with a candidate’s abilities.

Our Partners