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CorporateFounded in 201750-200 EmployeesInformation Technology and Services


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A Society is the consulting company of tomorrow, providing freelancers, consultant companies and self-employed consultants with access to the most exciting assignments in IT, technology, and R&D in the GIG-economy. We make it possible for employers to recruit consultants on a flexible basis and help both consultants and employers work together.

We all have one thing in common at A Society, we love to connect people and maximize the strength of our consultants with the most challenging assignments.

We see the consultants and partners as our clients and we’re their representatives on the market. We address the most skilful and highest educated part of the GIG economy and provide them with assignments within IT, tech and R&D. The upper quartile of ”independent professionals” referred to as ”free agents”.

Success means everything to us. We ensure that those who want to be free agents can maximize their capability and realize their ambitions on the labour market. We believe that freedom is strong enough to create the best solutions.
We give our consultants the freedom to succeed.

We always ensure that the right conditions are in place in order for every individual to succeed by offering the right tools and support.
We are passionate about our vision and we maximize every individual’s capability to perform. Every personal relationship is unique and has to be nourished in order to keep the passion alive.

We supply leading companies in the areas of technology, product development and IT with specialist competencies. We’ve been doing it for 20 years. We have offices in Sweden, Denmark, the US and Canada, which means it’s easy for us to help our global clients. We have over 25 000 consultants in our network.

We simply make sure we know our customers well – we know their needs and motivations. In this way we help our customers to develop, which is good for both the consultant and our clients.
Our many years in the market, means we also understand our customers’ needs and challenges. We understand exactly what they mean when they describe a task and what type of profile they require. This understanding, for both the work that needs doing and the consultant’s competence, means that we find a successful match. To deliver above expectations is the foundation of our business.

By actively developing our network, getting input from our many connections and doing thorough research, we find the most unique skills and give our customers the most fitting recommendation.

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