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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 201350-200 EmployeesRetail / Wholesale


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Aahaa stores is India's 1st online Managed Corporate Marketplace for supplying all indirect product purchases. These include Stationery, Pre-printed, Housekeeping products, Facility management items, ATM supplies, IT products, Electronics & Appliances, Brand Store, Corporate Gifts, R&R and CSR products. Here is why 100+ companies out of India's top 1000 private corporates and banks work with aahaa, for over 10,000+ products they purchase:

#1 Best rates: You get the best landed costs leveraging annual rates negotiated by aahaa with manufacturers, printers and India's best large-corporate suppliers on overall corporate volumes.

#2 Best delivery times: aahaa takes delivery responsibility. On contract products we score over 99.3% on ontime delivery. Metros delivered within 4 to 48 hours. Local offices and warehouses in most metros. Track online.

#3 Easy ordering: Be it few buyers or a few 1000 branches across India, customers punch out their orders on a information-rich aahaa catalog featuring products contracted to aahaa. It's so easy. It's optional, though.

#4 Intelligence: At regional, zonal and central leadership levels, you get instant real-time consumption reports, spend analytics, pareto analysis, spend co-relations, excess ordering alerts and any custom MIS reports you want.

#5 Compliance: Kiss goodbye to 1000s of bills from 100s of vendors. Avoid tax compliance risks. With aahaa, all transaction documentation scans (from PO to POD) are available online. Consolidated monthly payments.

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