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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 1993Architecture / Interior Design


AboutBalraj Thethi Design

1st April 1993, saw the foundation of Mr. Balraj J Thethi in the realm of interior designing. He has catered projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality sector.

In Residential : Designing Amazing Abodes That Master Details,Utility And Aesthetics.

In Commercial : Work Spaces ,Creating Functional Environments,Retail Spaces,Developing The Best Retail Therapy Experience.

In Hospitality : Spaces That Pushes The Limit Of Design.

At Balraj Thethi Design Love Collaborating With Like Minds And Creating Spaces You Would Love To Be In. We Believe In Transforming A Space Into A Beautifully Hand Crafted Space And Articulate It Into An Amazing Journey.

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