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Banyan is a highly disruptive award-winning start up operating in the recycling and waste management space in India. This is an exciting opportunity for driven individuals who are passionate about sustainability and are excited to make a positive social impact in India.

Banyan is working on providing eco-friendly, ethical and professional sustainable recycling solutions to residence, small business and large corporation through its network of informal sector recyclers.

Banyan’s technology platform allows it to identify and nurture progressive local recyclers lending them business legitimacy and the opportunity for financial growth. Banyan generates revenue by selling high quality Pet bales, plastic flakes and pellets to producers in high volumes at competitive price.

Banyan is working on developing a sustainable model in Waste Management for PAN Indian and has successfully implement the same by working with informal sector who normally experience absence of transparency and presence of high level of exploitation, our efforts makes the whole experience transparent for all stake holders involved which helps all in scalability at various levels.

Why you should work withBanyan Nation

Banyan has its Unique Value Propositions:  

1) One of India’s first vertically integrated plastic recycling companies that helps global brands use more recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic. 

2) Banyan's proprietary plastic cleaning technology converts collected post consumer and post industrial plastic waste into high quality recycled granules – Better Plastic™ – comparable in quality and performance to virgin plastic. 

3) Banyan's award winning data intelligence platform integrates thousands of informal recyclers into our supply chain and also helps cities manage their waste more effectively.

Why Should you work with Banyan Nation ?

The company is in process of building a strong reverse supply chain, which can be only capitalised through a strong team of supply chain professionals. If you join this amazing company, then you can grow rapidly along with the growth of the company.

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