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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)FMCG / F&B


Blaez will Digitize, Organize and Consolidate the whole B2B infrastructure. 

We are building an engine to change the way B2B businesses operate in India. Our product will help customers better manage their businesses. It will bring Transparency to customer's business, provide them Actionable Data to glean strategic insights and Optimize business processes.

Businesses are busy fire-fighting and fail to focus on important aspects! They have inefficient systems and are in serious need of technological up-gradation. 
Many business processes are still carried out on 20th century tech - such as ordering, accounting and delivery management. The whole B2B market in India is highly unorganized, inefficient and in serious need of tech solutions for their systems and processes

Food industry is an obvious first choice as TG, mainly due to its size and higher daily transactions relative to other sectors. Also, there is a serious need to digitize and optimize their business processes.

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