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Bliss Botanicals was born out of a shared passion for Organic and Natural Products. Over the ages, products have moved from being traditional and natural solutions for human needs to chemical based products driven by convenience rather than effectiveness.

Frustrated with moisturizers that don't moisturize, creams that are not creamy enough, lotions that mention "ultrahydration" "intense moisturization" etc but vanish within a couple of hours and butters that only contain chemicals, we set out to find an ingredient that actually hydrates longer, moisturizes intensely and does what it says, and we discovered the benefits of the wonderful kokum butter, and thus was born our first product!

Over a year we tested multiple recipes with our friends and family and finally arrived at the product that you see on our website today!

Our goal is to continue bringing to you new products that are natural, effective and true to the founding principle of the company

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