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B&M Global Solutions is also known as BM Global Solutions. BM Global Solutions is a well known name in the field of Academic Writing, online tutoring & recruitment solutions. This is also known as BM Global Solutions, B&M Global Sol, BM Global Sol, B&M & BM etc. We have been working with utmost honesty and dedication with the experts from PAN India and abroad and thus this has led to tremendous growth in past 3 years, Road ahead, we intend to develop such a system that the the clients and experts can rely on for all their academic needs. 

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Any content writing company promises to supply plagiarism free content to the clients and therefore requires those writers who can give plagiarism free content. For the convenience of the writers the company is giving them TURNITIN support which is a paid software support provided to them, which helps any writer to pass the content plagiarism free. In case, your research is well done and the content is plagiarized, the company will be providing you Turnitin report which will help you eradicate the duplicate content. It is to be noted that under no circumstances, the company is bound to provide the reports to a writer. A writer is supposed to deliver well researched and plagiarism free content in first go to the company.

B&M Global Solutions (BM Global Solutions) maintains 100% privacy and confidentiality of a writers’ data and their work. The information of BM Global Solutions shared by the writer during the registration and the work given by the writer is saved with BM Global Solutions and is never ever shared with any other 3rd party under any circumstances. However, In case of a legal probe, the company is free to share the details with the police and judiciary, if required.

A new writer joining any new writing company mostly is unsure of the intentions of a company. To address this, we have introduced bimonthly payments which help both writer and us gain mutual trust and allows the writer to work freely without being distracted by the worry of being not paid for the work done, which sadly is the case with many of the companies in this business.

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