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BookMySeat ( A venture of Barque Services Private Limited)

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StartupFounded in 2019Information Technology and Services


AboutBookmyseat ( A Venture Of Barque Services Private Limited)

BookMySeat aims for the betterment and empowerment of salon and beauty professionals, as well as their beloved customers, making their lives easier.
We work as a catalyst to business-customer relationships by taking away their everyday hassle. We provide the best in class seat booking system to make sure no customer has to miss their daily chores because they were waiting in a queue at a salon for their turn. In return, a business will never miss-out customers because of time mismanagement.
Worry not, BookMySeat App will not forget to remind you about your appointment in advance. And our seamless integration with Google Calendar and iCalendar making your life easier.
With BookMySeat, you'll be the first to know about any offers at your favourite Salons or Makeup Studios. Plus, there are many many exclusive offers for BookMySeat customers.
For businesses, being BookMySeat Partner is nothing but a business boost. With BookMySeat, your customer-base is guaranteed to skyrocket given the online presence and exposure to potential customers. Other perks include inventory management, traction control, and employee management system.
BookMySeat aims to revamp and redecorate the fashion and beauty industry of India.

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