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- Based out of Powai, Mumbai, Codalyze is a diverse community of people committed to using modern JavaScript and software development best practices to build beautiful web & mobile applications for our clients.

- We are dedicated to helping startups and enterprises move to the modern web.

- We specialize in using modern JavaScript frameworks (such as AngularJS, React, and Node.js) and a UX-driven development process to build next-generation web applications that deliver a compelling user experience for significantly less development effort compared to legacy server-side web development techniques.

- Our agile development process, built around continuous delivery, ensures clients are never more than a moment away from jumping on the next business opportunity or responding to the next market event.

How We Work :

- You'll join a tightly-knit team consisting of JS Developers who collaborate to build web and mobile apps (React Native) for our clients. Most projects are new and won't require you to deal with a lot of legacy code.

- We work with modern JavaScript across a range of frameworks and technologies, on the client as well as on the server: React, NodeJS, VueJS, TypeScript, ES6, Babel, Flux. (You don't need to be proficient with all of those things to start).

- Our approach to making software stresses teamwork and close interaction with our clients. We rely on a well-thought-out process based on Scrum, continuous delivery, and test-driven development.

- This process allows us to build software in a way that sets you up for success, allowing you to exercise your creativity and building software that matters without all the red tape, hierarchy and politics.

- We avoid sharply defined roles: everyone gets to partake in all aspects of their project and to try their hand at new things. Our developers do not just develop: they also help our clients think through product features, contribute to the design, and test.

- We work for many clients in an exciting range of industries: consumer internet, cryptocurrency, online games, education, and fin-tech. We have worked with both startups and enterprises

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