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CorporateFounded in 2008Advertising / Media / PR


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Crazy Fox Creations is an online media company seeded in the year 2008. We provide a wide variety of content via our own online web portals that provide high quality text as well as visual content.

Our web portals receive millions of page views per day. It is among the top websites in the category  of health and wellness. We’re also expanding another of our web portals, DIY , that includes exciting content ranging from health and lifestyle to home improvement.




Why you should work withCrazy Fox Creations

Company consists of a strong team of
highly skilled experts, catering its global clientele. Millions of
people from all over the world visit our web portals every day to
explore and capitalize on the awesome content we produce.
We showcase our product to several million eyeballs every month.
We mainly have a young audience, especially females. Of all our projects, the one on health and wellness is the most popular.
We are into a wide variety of projects including:
•    Health and wellness
•    Beauty
•    DIY crafts
•    Home improvement
•    Cleaning
•    Cooking
•    Gardening
•    Self improvement
•    Life Hacks
•    Tech Hacks
•    Relationships
Our health and wellness website, in particular, is among the top websites in this category.

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