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Founded in 2001, Data Intensity is an industry leader in analytics, business intelligence, and managed and cloud services for enterprise application and data management. We combine best-of-breed technology, excellent services, a flexible business model, and deep-rooted expertise gained from hundreds of successful deployments to uniquely and cost-effectively support the full scope of a customer’s enterprise data lifecycle. With almost 1000 employees worldwide and leveraging our rich Database technology heritage and our purpose-built services and solutions, Data Intensity gives customers the ongoing functional,

technical, and integration support that lets them focus on their core businesses, maximize their existing enterprise technology investments, and migrate to new SaaS platforms. At the same time, we offer analytics and business intelligence services that help our customers extract real-time insights and information from their data, which they can apply to drive overall business strategy and growth.

Data Intensity is the largest independent multi-cloud managed services provider focused on mission critical applications and managed services in a hybrid cloud world. Our purpose-built solutions and services focus on the technologies and platforms that power our customers business processes — from front-end strategy and design to implementation and migration to ongoing upgrades and support — all from a single vendor. 

Customers choose us — and stay with us — because working with Data Intensity allows them to focus on their critical business needs while we focus on their applications and multi clouds investments to drive greater system availability, performance, flexibility, and scalability.

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