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Decision Tree is a global provider of advanced analytics and campaign management solutions. We create value for businesses by transforming raw data into scalable and smart insights. We help companies sift through large volumes of data, both on-premise and cloud, through data integration and automation, identify patterns using advanced machine learning algorithms and extract sustainable insights that help in accelerating decision-making. We combine big data analytics with relevant domain expertise to provide a scalable analytics solution that empowers organizations to make smarter and intelligent decisions. 

Depending on an organization needs, we create scalable analytics solutions that enable them to make real-time decisions. Whatever the stage of maturity the organization is in its analytics journey, we can help, be it for Data Discovery, Descriptive Modelling or Predictive Modelling. 

Decision Tree envisages being a category-defining Decision Sciences and Big Data Analytics Company helping enterprises institutionalize data-driven decision making.

Data Discovery 
•    Use state of the art Data Engineering technologies to automate lower value data workflows
•    Create Flexible and automated dashboards which help train of thought decision making. 
•    Support real-time business decisions with Analytical and Adhoc reporting, 

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