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DexLab Solutions has been founded by a team of core industry professionals as a provider of accelerated learning destination for anyone looking to make a mark in the Big Data Analytics industry. The main objective of the company is to equip professionals to be industry ready and make lucrative careers in this highly growth oriented sector, across all key industry verticals. All the programs have been created after in-depth understanding of the market requirements towards addressing the gap between the existing need and the actual talent available to take this industry to the next level.

We aim to be India’s premier institute in the field of Big Data analytics industry. The DexLab Analytics & Intelligence Training program is a result of collaboration of subject matter experts & industry professionals. We visualize ourselves creating industry ready professionals who are well equipped with the knowledge of SAS, R, SPSS, Ms Excel VBA and Analytics.

This is where DexLab has a role to play with application based approach to learning, rather than just theory. Not only do we have state of the art learning modules, we bring in expertise in the form of student friendly services that are offered to make them complete industry ready professionals-thus accelerating their entry into the industry distinctively. We are looking to create the future generation of Big Data analysts who will play a leading role in helping companies make smarter business decisions and generate profit from the data available. We understand that the only way to make sense of the big data is bring in the human element to make insightful analysis.

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