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StartupFounded in 201550-200 EmployeesLogistics / Courier / Transportation


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DOT is a one of a kind Green Mobility solutions provider for individuals, corporate and events to be able to contribute to the betterment of the environment through reduction in their carbon footprint.

We understand that often many individuals and companies would like to contribute to the improvement of air quality, but are not sure how and where to begin, given limits with public transportation, especially last mile connectivity between bus stands/metro stations and destination points.  DOT's ebike taxis are popular across all metro stations where they are operational, and they are great for first and last mile connectivity. By dialing 70297 70297, or by downloading the MY DOT app on Google Play, one can book a ride on DOT's ebike taxi service.

In today’s world, it has become important for both individuals and companies to work to do their bit for preserving the environment. Worldwide, there is focus and attention to, along with widespread awareness of the impact on our world. There is an increased enlightenment and realization that we each must do our bit to contribute to helping the environment and reducing the negative impact to it. One of the ways of doing this is reducing carbon footprint, which is reducing the amount of air pollution largely contributed to by CO2e (Carbon Dioxide) emissions into the atmosphere. This is something that had been largely ignored in the past, but cannot be ignored any longer, with the impact of global warming and other deadly environmental factors such as air pollution, looming large.

Our services are easy to use and convenient. Services can be booked either through phone or the easy to use mobile application, wherein the commuter will share his/her exact location for an e-bike rider to arrive and take the commuter to his/her desired location. Payment is also hassle free, and can be made either in cash to the e-bike driver or through credit card payment using the mobile application. We look forward to partnering with companies, industries and individuals to implement green solutions and aid them in doing their bit to build environmental friendly, long term solutions to make the surroundings healthier and less damaging. Join us for your personal first and last mile rides on the DOT Ebike taxis service, or tie up for your company’s transportation or delivery needs to help deliver a promise of a cleaner, better tomorrow which is cost effective and safer for the world we live in.

DOT is a registered brand of Green Valley Energy Ventures and is based in Gurgaon, India.

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