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StartupFounded in 2008IT- Software


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Dure Technologies mission is to work towards a widespread democratization of data, collecting any form of digital information and making it accessible and useful. 

UNLOCKING the Real Value of Data. For Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.
Data for Action

We make data useful for everybody, presenting historical and real-time data in a simple, user-friendly and easy-to-read interface, where different users can get valuable information that will guide their actions.
Real-time data capture

Nowadays technologies can make near real-time data capture sustainable and achievable with low investments: to be effective we believe that this process must result in a simple and practical way of collecting information at every level.
A collaborative framework

We believe that building a connected Society is an essential pillar to achieve a collaborative system where information is shared at every level, with clear and structured inputs from both decision makers and final users: we call this our push & pull approach.
Our goal is to transform data into value-adding information using interactive maps, charts and rich visual components: we specialize in visualizing information geographically and enabling the power of business analytic at your fingertips, in real-time and on any device.

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