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Eventila is the “Shopify” of the global $250B+ Events & Creative Professionals Industry. Spyne, the B2B product from Eventila is the 360 degree Marketing & Operations Management solution for Creative Professionals. It helps them manage millions of their images, build their Web & Social presence, improve their Customer Engagement, manage their backend Operations & create their curated network with the other vendors in the industry.

We are among the market leaders in the Weddings portal space in India with our Blogs and Social feeds visited by millions of viewers globally. Our posts are consistently featured by renowned media houses in the Weddings category.

1) Instagram (@eventilaindia) -

430K+ Followers | 12M+ Weekly Impressions & Reach

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10M+ Monthly Unique Viewers

3) Our Weddings Blog is read by 100K+ users monthly

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In a short span of 8-10 months, we have helped hundreds of Photographers & Creative professionals share millions of images with their clients and partners using their brand channels, which helped them increase their online visibility multifold leading to generation of thousands of potential leads. Having built deep presence in Delhi market now, we are aggressively targeting to expand our business to other top metros in India and then to the USA, biggest SaaS market in globe.

Come join Eventila to help transform the Global Creative Industry, which has unprecedented content in the form of images and videos. We are building AI based Image editing tech, Face recognition tech, Image tagging tech and many other futuristic technologies that are going to disrupt the Photography & Creative Professionals industry.

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