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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Architecture / Interior Design

New Delhi

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FD DESIGN is providing design solutions in the field of Architecture, exhibitions and Interiors.  We are formed by experienced professionals who have ample experience in design and have executed numerous projects. Our design of Services and Systems begins with ideas translated into plans, which are then carefully coordinated through each phase of construction to produce the desired facility. We offer the clients all types of Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design Consultancy. We design building services for the specific requirements of the project with a proven ability to meet these requirements with in the financial limits and statutory compliance. At every stage of the project we upholds the professional aspects of a consultant by giving unbiased services to the client. This includes proper project monitoring and to ensure that all provisions of drawings and specifications are properly followed. We have a team of sincere and devoted work force of brightest caliber and have developed procedures to ensure perfection from the conceptual stage itself.

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