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StartupFounded in 2016Advertising / Media / PR


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It is a startup which will disrupt the B2B space in the area of creation of audio visual content (media & entertainment industry). To do this, it is using both technology and extensive feet-on-street mapping of the industry in India to launch first ever verified, rated & reviewed database of service providers and make the whole platform transactional. It will help service provider discovery, price discovery and spent tracking to producers/buyers and make India a content creation hub.

Why you should work withFilmboard Movies Pvt Ltd

Apart from bringing order where there is disorder, helping people in the trade make more informed decisions, we also seek to gradually overturn the existing culture in the way work happens.

Filmboard will be transparent, organised, honest and professional. Only by doing that can it exude that culture to the industry at large. In the next 4-5 years, we expect to have at least 50% market share of all transactions in the industry, in the creation of content.

Impossible? No.
Arrogant? Yes.

So we want arrogant people who also have all the above attributes.

If we want to be disruptive, it can only happen by having people who think disruptively. You want a job? Don’t apply here. You want to change things but don’t know what and how? Come to us.

Both of us have had that temperament over the years. That's why we kicked our corporate jobs years back.

So, in a way, we want more like us.

We want you to apply only if you see yourself being with us even 5 years from now. We will select you only if we can visualise you here, as in-house entrepreneur to the thousands of Filmboards within Filmboard that we seek to create, a few years from now

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