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Furtados School of Music (FSM) was founded in July, 2011, with a vision to make accessible quality music education to children and individuals, young and old, making the entire learning process fun-filled, joyous and memorable.

In a short span of time FSM has grown not only in number of centers and schools offering its programmes, but also in the number of instruments taught and the faculty to capably support it. We are driven and motivated by our conviction of the immense merits of music learning having a powerful impact on the all-round development of our students paving the way for their bright and successful future.

Today, FSM spans 35 points of presence across schools and centres, imparting music education to over 10,000 students. The diverse ages of our students as young as 4 years old to septuagenarians are testimony to the ability, dedication and passion of our teachers. Our educators and instructors, the beating heart of FSM, are a diverse mix of experience and youth from across India and the globe. They are highly motivated and passionate about teaching. Apart from being qualified musicians, they are extensively trained to impart an enjoyable and exhilarating musical experience on a consistent basis.

The roster of instruments and programmes are constantly expanding and currently extend to Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin and Vocal. Special emphasis is also given to Music Theory and Musical knowledge to ensure the comprehensive development of a student and eventual musician.

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