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Goolean technologies Pvt. Ltd., a startup recognized by Government of India under its Startup India Program, is a leading provider of IoT based solutions. Goolean creates IoT based solutions for schools, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Schools, in recent years, have seen many unfortunate incidents of Students’ casualty in the school  premises. These were due to either NO security or using Obsolete security methods/tools. We would like to introduce our Solution BRÜNHILD Security with Predictive and Preventive Technology for security and safety of Students in Schools.  This is a breakthrough in the School security solution in our Country.​

Real Time critical alerts to School Authorities on violation of any zone. Some Examples are:

Any staff member entering a prohibited area (students washroom or classroom etc) in school hours.

Students near swimming pool when instructor/life guard is not present

Male student near or entering female washroom

Student in school but not in class

Student remained in class/school even after school hours any Unauthorized entry attempt

Intrusion Control (anyone without iCard , still under development and testing)

Student boarding wrong bus or de-boarding the bus at wrong stop.

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