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To revolutionize the DIGITAL WORLD and present it as an idea sharing and realizing platform. We provide the world a collaborative space in which thoughts are spread to the entire world. This enables in better understanding and coordination amongst the human beings. We pry open the door between imagination and reality through our apps. Our lives are directly or indirectly governed by the six-inch device in our hand. We create apps to reach out to all people in the UNIVERSE. The main questions in our lives are how and why? And we spend majority of our precious time in search of the HOW's? Here at Gravity, we touch all the WHY's. We provide the user more territory to interact and leave their mark in. We show them an entirely new dimension for connectivity and entertainment. We turn confrontation into collaboration, fears into dreams, information into wisdom and moreover money into wealth. We create a sync between humans "WE ARE GRAVITY!".
Gravity is the ultimate force of nature that is responsible for the binding of the UNIVERSE. It is the SONG, the RYTHM of the universe. Every element in the universe be it life, air or water is totally dependent on gravity. We at gravity shape your ideas into reality.

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