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HALAL QUALITY CERTIFICATION INDIA (HQCI) is a premier Halal Certification Body which is registered and recognized by Government of India. We are established to provide a reliable and professional “End to END” Halal certification, audit and monitoring services across a wide range of Local
and Global industries. Our Certification is based on the most stringent and conservative Halal requirements and guidelines accepted all Islamic school of thoughts under Shariah Law and include assessment and ongoing monitoring of processes, products and personnel involved from the provider to the consumer.
Our services adhere to high morals, ethics, integrity, and professional competency to offer you the assurance and confidence, the transparency, the reliability, and more importantly the peace of mind one deserves whether they are a Halal consumer, a Halal provider, or a partner.

Our team consists of professionals and experts from a diversified background including Islamic (Shariah) Law, Food Technology, Engineering, Business, Legal, and Meat & Processing industries

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Traditionally, ‘Halal’ was seen to refer only to meat and poultry, specifically with reference to the method of slaughter. The concept of halal is expansive and has more science & ethics to it and can be applied to the entire mankind. More recently, Halal has grown and become a powerful market parameter
that continues to evolve across different subsectors of the food supply chain and has affected related industries such as non-meat foods, animal feed, herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, travel and hospitality, lifestyle markets such as fashion and media.

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