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What Is HappyShappy?

It's where you explore inspiration and discover what you love - in fashion, gifts, travel, food, celebrations, beauty, decor and much more! Whether it's a lehenga or a lemon meringue pie, a gift for mom or for your guy - the happiest ideas are all here. HappyShappy is home to India's best ideas! 

Curate your own personal Dreamboards to save the ideas you love and don't want to forget. They can be ideas you've found on HappyShappy, or from anywhere else. Share your Dreamboards with your friends, or keep them as private as you like. 

For the things you love and gotta have - click "I Want It" and name your budget. They'll get you exactly what you want, without you running all over town to find it! 

Why HappyShappy? 

Your phone's full of screenshots, you've "liked" things on social media and created wish lists in lots of places -- let's bring it all together in one place! 

HappyShappy is a place to store all your screenshots dumped in your phone gallery, it's an alternative to shady-DM-vendors,  a place to get a trillion ideas and save all your wish-lists from shopping sites— and you got us, fam! 

Make different Dreamboards for all the things you love -

"Favorite fashion for summer time"

"Upcoming Goa trip"

"Gifts for mother's day" 

These Dreamboards are gonna help you come back to the specific ideas and voila, job well done.

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