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Hiddensmith is a design studio where you can curate a look for their home using leather. Here, you can find a platform that showcases a variety of leather finishes, colors, applications and styles. There is constant R&D, so there’s never a dearth for ideas. With their expert guidance, you will be able to make the right choice of leather that suits your taste, your color palette, your lifestyle, your requirements and your investment range. At Hiddensmith, you’ll get to experience leather like never before, and craft furniture that reflects your style.


Hiddensmith strives to inspire. It strives to make leather a part of every home’s decor, by providing a platform that showcases leather usage in creative ways. It strives to create unique furniture that can make a statement.

We believe that every person has a craftsman hidden in them, that every family has a style, and that every home should reflect the personality of the people living there.

At Hiddensmith, we also believe that leather is the best material one can use to make furniture. Leather has an unsurpassed power to add charm, elegance and oomph factor to a space.

Leather is timeless. And so are our styles. With the array of choices we have, your Hiddensmith piece will literally be one in a million. And will surely make a statement.

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