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AboutIks Health

IKS Health is a company found in 2007, which focuses on improving process efficiencies within the US Healthcare industry. Currently, IKS has an over 3,000-member strong workforce including Doctors at IKS managing more than $5 billion in revenue for more than 8,000 physicians throughout the United States. IKS is headquartered in New York and has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Montgomery, Mumbai and Hyderabad, India. 

IKS Health care targets 3 service areas where we partner with large healthcare organizations: 

*         IKS Margin: Financial Solutions 

*         IKS Care: Clinical Solutions

We are currently growing each of our three lines of business, but we write to you specifically in asking you to partner with IKS in a project to hire doctors within its fastest growing vertical, IKS CARE.

IKS CARE provides Indian physicians a unique opportunity to influence and improve the process of patient care, impact patient-physician interactions in an environment that offers customer focused solutions while continuing to grow their clinical knowledge and enhance their clinical skills in a variety of ways. They have an opportunity to join us in our mission to enable the efficient delivery of excellent care. We will deliver on this promise in a manner that makes it a joy for all to work with us; becoming the trusted partner that ensures financial success for our clients and healthier populations in our communities.

* IKS Health is among the few companies in the world that utilizes offshore/foreign doctors to provide clinical support services that help physician practices deliver better care.

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