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Every year more than ₹6 lakh crores of the money we earn are held up in the monthly salary-cycles. Meanwhile, an astonishing 57% of working Indians, living from salary to salary, are being hit with minimum balance penalties, late fees, and high-interest informal borrowing to bridge the gap, while they wait. They paid last year more than ₹25000 in high-interest fees and ₹5000 crores in minimum balance penalty alone.

Today we can pay people on-demand instantly. Then why do we wait for 30-days to get paid? Think about it.

Kaarva represents a major paradigm shift on how to think about your earnings and when they are owed to you. It is “time shifting” salaries, letting its user get access to what they have earned, on demand, with no fees, interest, or hidden costs. Users voluntarily contribute what they like, and receive their money in their bank account instantly.

Employees from more than 100 companies now use Kaarva with regularity to improve their lives.

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