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Kaleyra is a global communications solutions provider that offers an extensive range of telecommunication services for banks, retail and e-commerce companies, and enterprises. Through a global platform, Kaleyra enables its customers to reach, engage and manage an integrated and multi-channel notification service such as messages, push notifications, emails, instant messaging and voice services. Our services help business connect and communicate with their customers increasing customer retention and satisfaction in an easy and effective manner.

Kaleyra started out in 1999 as Ubiquity, a small Italian company, based in Milan, catering exclusively to BFSIs. It quickly grew to be the largest communication service provider in the country. In 2016, Ubiquity acquired Solutions Infini India Pvt.Ltd., an India based company specialized in cloud communication services, taking the first step towards a global presence. Thereafter, Ubiquity rebranded to Kaleyra, consolidating their global reach. Since then, Kaleyra has grown to be one of the main players in its industry, with customers in over 30 countries, supported by 200+ employees based all over the world in Italy, India, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States and Singapore.

Our mission is to make customer communication between business and their customers uncomplicated by removing the technology barrier with our cutting edge communication platforms.

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