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KLAY is India's largest and most trusted prep school and day care. We provide the best possible environment for a young one to flourish. Started in 2011 under Founding Years Learning Solutions, and having acquired TLC in 2015 and WeCare in 2017, KLAY has expanded its reach to over 100 centres across 7 cities. Currently, we are the largest prep school and day care provider in India.
We enable young parents to return to work, stress free, by adopting a child-centric care and education philosophy. We work closely with parents to understand how a baby is cared for at home and we endeavour to replicate those practices so that the child feels loved and cared for, just as they like it.

We see care and education as two sides of the same coin. To ensure the best development of the child, the two must go hand in hand. We believe that to provide care without age appropriate learning, is a missed opportunity to develop a child's full potential.

To this end, we have created an integrated program, which provides children the high quality care they need along with an individualized learning program which is implemented through play. Children are loved and nurtured based on their specific interests, while still being exposed to a wide range of activities that ensures their all-round development.

KLAY is seriously fun for little ones!

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