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Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd comes as the fulfillment of the worldwide search for a more effective system of health, which is free from harmful side effects, is prevention oriented and capable of eliminating disease and its source. It gives a modern insight into ancient system.

Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd describes health as perfect balance of the three Doshas and imbalance as basic cause of all diseases. Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd eliminates imbalance from the most fundamental level of life, pure consciousness and re-establishes the natural interconnectedness of consciousness and physiology, behavior and environment. Health in this context is defined as perfect balance and wholeness of life.

Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd makes an important contribution to modern health care that it treats disease at its source rather than merely pacifying symptoms. The basis lies in prevention and in strengthening the body’s own inner intelligence to maintain perfect health.

Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd Products Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2016. It is a comprehensive and scientific system of natural health care. It is the complete revival of the tradition of Ayurveda which comes to us from the ancient vedic civilization of India. The goals of Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd are to preserve health, there by creating an enlightened individual and a disease free society. It would be appropriate to say that Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd Products is a research based organisation and many of its products have undergone Research/clinical trials in India.

It is this commitment towards the holistic approach of Ayurveda and the dedication of highly qualified Vaidyas, scientists, manufacturing chemists and other experts that make Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd distinguished and elevates it from any other companies engaged in similar activities. Behind the system of Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd is a team of experts led by highly experienced world acclaimed vaidyas.

The Heads Office of Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd is at New Delhi and the manufacturing activity of Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd is presently at two units at Noida and Faridabad and has total employee strength of over 100.

And thereafter, Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd has many certifications, like GMP, AYUSH etc. to its credit.

The philosophy of Mahalaxmi Sansthan Ayurveda (P) Ltd is based upon the fact that it needs the windows of modern science to appreciate the full dignity and potential of holistic concepts that governed Ayurveda through centuries.

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