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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 2004Textile / Garment / Fashion


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Mercer Silicones was started with the sole aim of providing enhanced textiles to customers. Mario DSouza, our CEO and Founder believes strongly that clothing is the need of every customer. However, good clothing is the handiwork of a designer’s vision, and textile-processor’s ability to curate raw ingredients using the finest chemicals and agents. India has a sensible blend of designers and architects who can unarguably come up with the world’s finest designs. But to bring this design to reality, Indian textile companies must focus on quality reagents and chemicals. But, these needs must be fulfilled through environmentally safe products and chemicals. We need clothing but not at the cost of the environment.

Our story starts in the year 2004, when Mario DSouza and Ajay Rathod who collaborated to form Mercer Silicones. Mario and Ajay bring to Mercer, over four decades of experience with various textile processing companies. Mercer, since 2004, started providing the finest chemicals and know-how textile companies, and R&D wings. Armed with a strong sense to bring innovation in this industry. Mercer has also started consulting companies on the finer aspects of textile-finishing. Today our organization has an impressive list of 300 such products and chemicals which are specifically curated for excellent textile usage.

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