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New Delhi

AboutModern Living Hospitality Pvt Ltd is a global marketplace that exists to solve all your corporate travel needs by delivering premium and bespoke serviced apartments across the globe. By harnessing and integrating new technologies into our service delivery, guests and members can enjoy more comfortable and attractive stays in over 300 cities.  

Community is the heart of what we are. The clue is in our name. Think of every "square" in a city. Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square. Ovington Square. etc — what do they all have in common? They all exemplify community and a place for people to come together. They are the hearts of cities, communities and events. And that's what we're about; bringing corporate travelers together in a community where all are welcome. Welcome to serviced apartments, a global marketplace that delivers bespoke serviced accommodation in 300+ cities across the globe.

We offer premium serviced apartments in economic hubs like London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Delhi NCR, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and many more. With such a global reach, we provide corporate travel with choice and comfort when it comes to their business trip. Community is a big part of and we deliver it by providing our guests and members with extra benefits like:

- Squ.air Miles loyalty programme
- member events
- Relocation Guides and eBooks
- Online Community Forum
- Area and Neighborhood Guides
- Email updates
- Insightful Blogs
- Control over your own member account - manage bookings and finances.

That way our guests and members can feel part of a tight knit group and be connected to corporate travelers all over the world. Book your stay with us now to enjoy apartments that exude all the homely comforts you need to wind after a long day in a big city.

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