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We (ModFx Labs) are location-based promotions and analytics company. Our core team comprises alumni of Wharton, UC Berkeley & IITs. We have a young team of mathematics, statistics and data science specialists determined to find new ways of extracting business-wise behavioral insights from in-store actions of end customers. 

Our platform employs neural network algorithms and machine learning models for action pattern recognition, user personality profiling, visit trend analysis, predictive behavioral modeling and event probability analysis. We work with our customers to understand their analytics objectives. Subsequently, our data science team churns out machine learning models particular to the customer business - their stores, type of customers, etc. Such models are plugged into our platform mode analyze to be consumed by their vertical-specific teams. 

Pattern recognition, trend analysis, predictive modeling and event probability analyses help shape in-store movement profiles - and these profiles are engineered to empower the retailer to gain deep insights into customer behavior. The in-store physical activities of the end customer present a mine of information to base smart decisions on. Our platform uses this to generate precise behavioral models to build strong competitive advantage for brick and mortar stores as against the online-only businesses. We cater to the US, Canada, South America & APAC markets. 

Our platform mode analyze enables the generation of location-centric profiles for targeted mobile advertising.

  • Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Such advertisements are delivered as banner ads, content ads or interstitial ads inside mobile apps and enable retailers to perform precise targeting based on the location profiles of consumers and their real-time location. The advertisements could be served when a consumer is inside:

  1. Mall, Stadium, Theme Park.
  2. Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Pub, Bar.
  3. Airport, Hotel, Resort.
  4. Home, Office, Gym, College.

These advertisements result in higher ROI for retailers.

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