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Sell sand on the sea shore!


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We believe in creating amazing experiences for customers by helping businesses with their services and offerings. We believe in partnerships rather than employment. We believe that if one can sell sand on the seashore, we can rule the world!

We also sell Uniform Rental Packages to hotels, restaurants, security firms, manufacturing units etc. to dress their employees in their best form so that the employee can provide an amazing experience to their customers.

Why you should work withOlimpio

Like we keep saying, if you can sell sand on the seashore, you can rule the world!
And we want to build rulers! We don't believe in restricting your amazing potential by giving you a fixed salary while reaping the benefits, we believe in sharing. Any client you bring in, you get 40% of the profit we make from that client forever!
You decide who to sell to, at what price to sell. We make sure to give you the best products to sell and tools to help you grow.

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