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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 1994Manufacturing / Engineering


AboutOpaque Ceramics Pvt Ltd

Since 1994, Manufacturing Operations In Himmatnagar, Gujarat -
Opaque Has Pioneered Production Of Zirconium Silicate Micronized Products

Why you should work withOpaque Ceramics Pvt Ltd

1.      "T-Shaped" Skills
Working for a big corporation
allows an individual to develop valuable "T-shaped" skills. These skills
 allow for specialization and depth of related skills and expertise in
an area of work, technology, or process. It also provides broad exposure
 and the ability to learn from and collaborate with experts from other
disciplines such as technology, business, development, and project
management. At a startup you generally wear many hats, increasing your
breadth of knowledge in other areas, but making it difficult to become
an expert in any one discipline. I myself wanted to become an expert, so that I could grow into a role where I would be able to mentor and manage a team.

2.   Growth Opportunities (both vertically and horizontally)
 generally focus on launching one product while big companies tend to
foster the development of many products. This means a lot of jobs, and
therefore a lot of opportunities for growth. Big corporations tend to
invest in individuals through education, skill development, and career
assistance programs to help align an individual's personal career goals
with positions they would like to work towards within the company.


A big corporation is likely to have brand recognition with an existing,
loyal customer base. With a strong customer base in place, the turnover
time is much quicker from when you are working on either an existing
application or building something new to a customer using the product.

  4. Work-Life Balance
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance
is not only important for one's personal well-being, but it can also
improve the efficiency of one's work performance. With a more structured
 and predictable work schedule, a work-life balance is easier to
maintain in a big corporation rather than at a startup where the hours
are less structured which can mean odd hours, late nights, and working
on weekends. Most days when I leave work, work stays at work, and I am
able to enjoy weekday outings in Boston with friends and weekend hiking
and beach getaways stress-free!

5.      Mentorship
As with starting any new job, or new
position within a company there is sure to be a learning curve.
Therefore, having experienced mentors allows for getting up to speed and
 feeling like a valuable, contributing player quicker thus being able to
 take well-informed action. This is yet another benefit of working for a
 big corporation. 

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