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Almost since the day of the company's inception in 2007, Synergy Express Logistics Pvt Ltd, or Synergy Express, has developed a reputation as a Freight Forwarder and Customs Handling Agent in India that can competently handle even the most demanding assignments.

As a result, Synergy Express routinely fields requests from customers with cargo ranging from Cotton to Garments, Iron Ore to construction equipment, timber to coal, Vegetable to Meat , General to Dangerous Cargo, plastic toys to power plant turbines.

Exquisite care and attention to detail have been required to keep these customers coming back. Synergy Express is, by no means, a large company, but we view this as an asset.

Unlike the mega-forwarders that are seeking to dominate the industry, Synergy Express realizes that our strength lies in being able to adapt our system to meet your needs and requirements… not in forcing our system upon you.

In order to meet your needs and requirements, Synergy Express knows that we can establish, build, and maintain our relationship with you on a level that the mega-forwarders simply cannot hope to match – and it is done at reasonable, affordable rates.

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