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Gramin Healthcare is India’s first start-up dedicated to support and bring primary health care services and access to specialist care in rural area through various health camps, collaborations and partnership with a global leader in health care services.

India is a growing economy and the agglomeration of resources through one channel is not a pragmatic approach. With around 700 million population devoid of access to specialist care and almost a million dying every year due to inadequate health care facilities, we as a nation have worst case scenario in health care services.

This challenge is to cater to the deserving under served community of Tier 4 locations and below which need due attention. Public health services have done poorly even along the income distribution dimension. According to a study, the poorest 20% of the population captures only 10% of the public health subsidy as compared to 30% by the richest 20%. The share in the subsidy rises monotonically as we move from the bottom 20%. The discrepancy and poor implementation of budget allocation have left a stark gap in rural and urban health care services. With India ascending the health care services on the tertiary level and becoming the new face of global medical tourism, it dampens the zeal to notice the staggering figure of major gamut being unable to access affordable primary health care services which are necessary for the development of the nation.

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