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StartupFounded in 2017Healthcare / Medical



  • Plunes partner with professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants etc, offering free AI support to grow their practice and getting clients. Building a utility network, for curated, validated, cost effective and Instant solutions using AI & Predictive Analysis.
  • Plunes’s Business team is a group of highly skilled professionals whose focus is on Developing, Executing, Identifying high potential business & distribution strategies to achieve the targets. This dynamic and dedicated team is the engine behind Plunes’s continued growth.
  • You anticipate how to increase users and professional’s network, persistently explore and uncover the needs of our Users(professionals + general users) and understand how our range of service offerings can incentivize everyone.
  • You set the vision and the strategy for how to reach millions of users and grow fast. Using your influencing and relationship-building skills, you effectively build strategies to increase curated professionals network and ways to penetrate our services among millions of users.
  • Your knowledge of online media combined with your communication skills and analytical abilities shapes how new and existing business verticals grow.
  • Plunes's mission is to develop world’s first utility network for curated, validated, cost effective and instant solutions.

Why you should work withPlunes

Other platforms either charge professionals for registrations or they try to sell them various packages for acquiring clients. Resulting in increased price. Engagement modes are primitive and requires significant time and effort from professionals.
For Professionals:-
 Our AI works like an assistant for professionals. Free registrations.
 AI also auto bids from professional’s behalf to clients.They upload their catalogue and set preference for variance in price.AI
automatically adjusts the price based on work,location and other bids.
 Auto Scheduling their appointments and calls providing earning opportunity in their free time.
 Providing curated clients and queries related to their expertise Increasing their chances of attracting potential clients.
For Users:-
 AI provides options to have 2nd, 3rd and multiple opinions for free, from professionals of the same expertise.
 Also offers liberty to hire a professional instantly , Call, chat or meet in person.
 Curates price and professionals for various tests and procedures. Providing 10 bids based on location and work opportunity.

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