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CorporateFounded in 200050-200 EmployeesIT- Software

Navi Mumbai


Protegrity is the leading enterprise data security software company worldwide, providing high performance, infinitely scalable, end-to-end data security solutions. Protegrity delivers centrally managed and controlled data security that protects sensitive information across the enterprise in big data, databases, applications and file systems from the point of acquisition to deletion.

Protegrity’s solutions give corporations the ability to implement a variety of data protection methods, including Vaultless Tokenization, strong encryption, masking, and monitoring to ensure the protection of their sensitive data and enable compliance for PCI DSS, HIPAA and other data security requirements.

Protegrity’s award winning software products and innovative technology are backed by over 17 industry patents, all of which elevate the Protegrity Data Security Platform above point solutions. Protegrity employees are security technology specialists with deep industry expertise in data security approaches and techniques, including key management, forensics reporting and security policy definition and management. Protegrity has helped more than 200 enterprise customers worldwide to fulfill their obligations to protect their sensitive data, brand, and business reputation.

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