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QuantInsti is one of Asia’s pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute focused on preparing financial market professionals for the contemporary field of Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading. QuantInsti provides practically oriented education on algorithmic trading using online real-time video-sharing as well as our interactive learning hands-on training modules to its participants from across the globe. Our flagship course "Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT)™” is composed of the following components:
 Statistics & Econometrics (Basics to Advanced).
 Quantitative Trading Strategies (various holding periods, and various asset classes).
 Financial Computing and Technology for Automated Trading.
We have also designed education modules for various exchanges in South and South East Asia; for various educational and financial institutes. We are the sales and marketing partners for Professor Moorad Chaudary's BTRM and for Unicom Learning in Asia-Pacific region. Given the practical nature of EPAT™ as well as of the Algorithmic Trading industry in general, we have always tried to associate with the best practitioners in the industry, like Thomson Reuters, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Edelweiss, etc for the delivery of the course and for workshops/conferences.
The initial original course curriculum has been designed by professionals from iRageCapital, one of the pioneers in the field of High Frequency Trading in certain prominent geographies in Asia, and education professionals with a deep understanding of learning methodologies & pedagogy.

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