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Founded in 2010, Radiowalla is a trusted partner of the retail industry and collaborates with over 200+ retailers in India and UAE. We provide the following services:

In-Store Radio: Radiowalla is the largest service provider for In-Store Radio and works with major retail chains. We manage the background music in 9500+ locations across diverse categories such as retail, malls, hospitals, corporates & more. 

Strategic Alliances: Radiowalla helps retailers monetize Visual and On-Air inventory such as facades, cash till branding etc. In this space, we work with some of the leading clients and agencies.

Audio Pulse: Radiowalla has developed an advanced aPulse technology to sense the presence of a user in a particular area using digital high-frequency audio. This can be used for understanding consumer behavior and contextual messaging

Video Analytics: Radiowalla provides video-based people counting, Demographic Profiling and Heat Maps for clients such as retail stores, shopping malls, warehouses etc.

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