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Rainbow initiated its educational journey from the June 2007. It has since then experienced a series of events, which makes Rainbow International School an established brand today in the world of education. The Rainbow International School has now become a proud yet humble team of experts, staff, with several students becoming part of it every year. In span of 6 years, it has led 25,000 students to become groomed individuals and acquire necessary learning abilities. Our aim is to offer happy, safe, and secure surroundings to students and foster insightful attitude in the same.

Success for Rainbow International School began from the day it set foot into education industry, as it always measured its learning experiences as one-step ahead in its big journey it is a part of today. It has grown as one of the priority CBSE schools by forming relationships with educationists, institutes, parents, students, and most essentially with everyone whom it dealt with. Because of such immense face-to-face with ups and downs, Rainbow International School presently recalls a prestigious name for itself.

“As schools in Thane are ever multiplying, Rainbow International School stands apart from all in equipping itself with latest technologies in teaching, new techniques to build endurance, honesty, reliability, and resilience in children.”- Rainbow International School TEAM

We have expanded from primary level school to junior, high and secondary under the guidance of our mentors and founders. Rainbow International School also has dedicated preschool where young minds are given freedom to tap on creativity at the same time be introduced to virtues of CBSE education. Since 9 years and counting, our preschool has adopted quality education tactics, deploying expertise of the management and teachers.

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