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Reward360 Global Services Pvt Ltd is India’s premier Loyalty Technology and Solutions Company. Head quartered in Bangalore with an office in Dubai, our ‘Global’ loyalty solution has been built after years of deep understanding of consumers, the nuances of the loyalty diaspora, the on-set of big data and most important the simplicity that needs to be delivered across any loyalty program.

Our Technology, Marketing, Alliances, Business, Product and Operations teams work in collaboration to create and deliver the most successful loyalty programs in India today. With over 2000+ retail alliances in India and access to over 10 million rewards globally, gives us the edge to be one of the most exciting and growing loyalty companies in Asia.

The only constant in today’s difficult and dynamic market is 'change'​. Our team is dedicated to using behavioural patterns of customers combined with cutting edge technology to take complex problems that enterprises face today and simplify them. This helps make our programs more relevant and puts the customer on the path of true loyalty.

Over a 100+ dedicated team members work in collaboration to create world-class loyalty products out of our Corporate Office, R&D Lab and Operation Hubs. 


Loyalty Strategy, Loyalty Solutions, Analyticbox, Designbox, Rewards Management, Employee Recognition, Marketing Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Coalition Loyalty Programs, CRM, Frequent Flyer programs, Content Management Systems, Digital Rewards, Business Gifting, Loyalty technology , and Market places

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