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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 2018IT- Software


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SimplePlan Media is all about doing great things in the simplest way possible. When we say simple, we don’t mean easy - anyone who has ever tried running a marathon knows what we mean.

That’s not it though! - what drives us every day is striving towards providing our clients with simple solutions to support their grand endeavors. 

At SimplePlanMedia, “silly” ideas are not laughed at or looked down upon. Instead, they are played with and shaped into amazing creations. And this is what separates us from several other digital agencies. We are not about traversing a known path ahead of all others; we are about carving a new path where others only see a roadblock. 

Why you should work withSimpleplan Media

People First Approach:

If you're with us, we will take care of you - we'll advise on what's best, we'll guide you on the way ahead and will stop at nothing less than making sure you're in the best position possible. After all, we're who our employees feel we are.


We believe in changing with times. And the times are changing faster than ever. We take an approach of continuous improvement in all things we do. This is reflected in the way we service our clients, in the kind of people we work with and in the work we deliver.

Think Big:

We eat status quo for breakfast. We come to work every single day with the belief that if we're not doing something new, something better, something bigger, then we're just not doing right by ourselves. This directly affects the work we produce - which is why it's often something you've never seen before.

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