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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 201050-200 EmployeesRenewables / Enivronment / Waste Management


AboutSistema.Bio is a leading social enterprise operating in India, Africa and Latin America, headquartered in Mexico City. Since 2010 we have installed over 6,000 award-winning digesters (Biogas Plants) across four continents. We are expanding across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat in India - and are looking for passionate individuals to join our team. promotes a world where waste is a resource, and farmers are empowered and productive. We design, manufacture and install biodigesters for small and medium scale farmers to convert their waste into economic, health and environmental benefits. To-date our products have treated 6.7m tons of farm waste, enabled over 25,000 people to produce clean energy, and saved over 36,000 ha of trees per year. 

By the end of 2021, our goal is to install biodigesters for over 200,000 people in 15 countries where they lack access to clean, renewable and cost-effective energy. We want you to be part of this impact story.

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