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SK kaken began a directional change from organic materials towards the research of inorganic materials after the first oil crisis. It led to the success in developing the first inorganic intumescent materials in the world which in turn led to the creation of a fireproof coating for steel frames. SK Kaken achieved No. 1 market share in Japan in 1984 and still maintains that position to date. We have expanded our global network and successfully gained a foothold in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India and the Middle East. In April 1991, the company was renamed SK Kaken Co., Ltd which was incremental in establishing SK Kaken as a leading manufacturer in the field of architectural paints and coatings. Our range of patent products – Ceratight Series – began a new era of super dirt resistant exterior coatings. We have placed several innovative products in the market, such as heat reflective coatings, floor coatings and Japan’s first fireproof coating. In recent years, we have been developing alternative materials for natural stone and comfortable high-grade decorative new materials.

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