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BEST hotel porcelain company of India!

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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 1987Hospitality / Hotels / Restaurants


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STALLION HOTEL SUPPLIES is Pune based Importer Supplier, servicing HORECA customers across India since 1987. For the past 33 years, we have built a solid reputation of highly professional & reliable and grown to be a COMPLETE HOTEL SUPPLIES company. Stallion is India's 1st Porcelain brand & still the BEST hotel porcelain company in India. We are now bringing is Global HoReCa brands like LAVA, Pasabahce, Porland, Hissar to expand our product range & our customer base Pan-India.

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We are a highly customer focussed, quality-driven small organization where our employees get to learn almost all aspects of business & can become better skilled & highly productive human resource.

Why you should work withStallion Hotel Supplies

We are a highly professional customer focussed organization where you can learn to excel in whatever you do, picking up important skillsets in all areas of business operation. We evaluate you only on your performance & willingness to learn & take new responsibilities. Rewards are faster & there is no politics as in bigger companies. Stress free work in a quiet & peaceful location. You will get to learn a lot..

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