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Stalwart Research, as name suggests is a Research and Development Organization. Specifically, Stalwart Research operates as a Research and Development Department for MSMEs (Micro Small & Medium scale Enterprises).

Forte of Stalwart Research is R & D in sectors which falls under 4th Industrial Revolution.
4th Industrial Revolution can be summarized as connecting Mechanical Devices with Computers using Internet of Things (IoT) so as to manage things efficiently.

We majorly deal in following sectors:
1. Mechanical System Development (Machine Design & Development)
2. IoT and Automation (Electronic System Development)
3. Software Solutions (ML, AI, NLP, AR, VR, etc)

When all the above three sectors are Interconnected; Smart Factory is formed.

Mechanical System Development:
1. Machine Design & Development (According to Industrial Standards)
2. Product Design & Development
3. Prototyping and Re-Designing

IoT and Automation:
1. Industrial Automation with PLC
2. IoT Applications in Customized requirements.
3. Factory Automation
4. Circuit Design, Re-Design and Development

Software Solutions:
1. Artificial Intelligence APIs
2. Machine Learning APIs
3. Cloud Computing
4. Deep Learning
5. Augmented Reality Applications
6. Virtual Reality Applications
7. Web Applications (E-Commerce, etc)
8. iOS and Android Applications (Monitoring, E-Commerce)

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