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he inception of StayAbode goes back to 2016 when we realised that the demand for houses on rent in cities is inversely proportional to the quality of the homes available on rent. The youth of today are moving cities more than ever before but are being bogged down by the hassle of finding a comfortable home, all while feeling aloof in the new city with not many friends and family that’s miles away. We also identified a myriad of other issues associated with finding a house - high rent, high deposits, the hassle of furnishing, unreasonable restrictions, curfew and more.

StayAbode was conceptualised as a fitting solution to all these hassles while redefining what renting a house meant in a city. It’s not just about having a roof over your head. It’s much more than that. StayAbode is a co-living community, where collaboration is regarded as much as privacy. With beautifully designed private apartments and thoughtfully designed shared spaces, StayAbode offers a balance between personal and social life, while keeping convenience and affordability at the heart of it.

What is Abode?
We are a lifestyle brand that enables a state of well-being by creating co-living spaces. Our spaces are designed keeping in mind the constantly changing society with advances in technology.
What is Co-living?
Co-living or community living is a form of housing where residents share living spaces. Here they can learn and grow together. We facilitate this by hosting various events and providing well-equipped common spaces. Thereby increasing community interactions and making life stress-free.

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