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With the blessing of Yog Guru Shri Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and under the guidance of Shri Abhishek Ji, treatment here is performed on health seekers through a blend of Naturopathy, Panchakarma, Shat Karma and Yoga in accordance with the protocols mentioned in our classical texts under the supervision of experienced and able staff members. Sushma Shree Health Centre offers state-of-art residential and medicated dining facilities. Premises offers state of art accommodation to its visitors and offers various categories of rooms i.e. Kapil (VIP) and Maharishi. Each room is equipped with all modern amenities and facilities.


A number  of curable and incurable disease like obesity, blood pressure, heart ailments, asthma, rheumatism, pain in joints and spine, backache, arthritis, diabetes, piles, depression, tension, gastric trouble, colitis, liver and kidney diseases, ulcers, headache, first stage cancer, migraine, insomnia, cold and allergy, gynaecological diseases etc. are treated without any medicine, with the help of yoga and NATUROPATHY. If you are fed up of taking medicines and think you will never get rid of diseases, please don’t lose heart and contact us immediately.


Born to Smt. Sushma Devi and Shri Jay Prakash in Kolkata, Abhishek Ji  was inclined towards health and yoga since childhood but his path as a yoga teacher actually started when he got an opportunity to learn yoga directly under Swami Ramdevji's holy presence in Kolkata in 2002. Yoga transformed his personality. He became Swamiji’s true disciple.

He took certified Yog Teacher Training in June 2009 from Baba Ramdev himself at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar. Apart from yoga, he also learnt Shatkarma, Acupressure, Diet guidance, Lifestyle, Health tips and Life skills from his Holiness. After returning from Haridwar he started free yoga classes for the masses in 7 places in Howrah Maidan area.  

He was awarded 1st Prize in State Level Yoga. He took the training and certificate of Panchakarma from Shiva Ayurveda Hospital, Kerala in 2017, followed by Master Diploma in Acupressure and Diploma in Cupping Therapy from MSSC Trust, Mumbai and S.V.M. Institute of Naturopathy & Para Medical Science, Panipat in 2018. He represented India successfully in the SPYSS International Yoga Camp held in Bangalore. Simultaneously he cleared the Authorised Yoga Instructor exam organised by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

Shri Abhishek Ji’s interviews have also been published in leading newspapers like Telegraph and he got honoured by several reputed organizations in International Yoga Day including Eastern Railways, BJP, etc. He has also mentored around 100 assistant yoga teachers.

Abhishek Ji is daily followed by masses on Taaza TV show named “Sanjeevani” where he guides on disease specific yoga, acupressure, diet, health tips, lifestyle, etc. He has conducted shows in J.W. Marriott and in renowned housing complexes and has given training to immense personalities.

Soon Abhishek Ji launched a Naturopathy based holistic treatment institute named Sushma Shree Health Centre at Howrah Maidan where people come from far off places to get relief from High B.P., Diabetes, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Obesity, Chronic  Stomach Disorders, Skin Diseases, Depression, Insomnia, Infertility, Asthma, Arthritis, etc and for their full purification of body and mind to achieve complete peace. So far Abhishek Ji has trained and cured 25,000 people successfully in last 17 years. 

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